The Bearnshaw Series

First published in 2013, The Bearnshaw Books began with Legend of the Whyte Doe, based on the old Lancashire folk tale of Bearnshaw Tower. Set against the turbulent backdrop of medieval England's Wars of the Roses, we follow the changing fortunes of the Bearnshaw family as our characters are elevated and brought low by their unique circumstances. (Unsuitable for readers under 18).

Legend of the Whyte Doe

In 1461, Sibyl Bearnshaw and the young King Edward IV make a pact with consequences that will last for generations


II - Triumph of the Red Dragon

The Bearnshaws and Plantagenets are inextricably bound together in the events leading up to the Battle of Bosworth which ends the reign of the notorious Richard III, the 'hunchback king'.


III - Return of the Sunne

Coming early 2020 - The Tudors have gained the throne, but their seat is insecure and most of the Yorkists are still up for the fight, including the Bearnshaws

IV - Pilgrimage of the Hart

Scheduled for release in 2021, while most of the world is distracted by Henry VIII's infamous love-life, the last remaining Plantagenets seethe with bitterness at the wrongs of the past: can Edmund reconcile with the son of his uncle's murderer, usurper of his father's crown?